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Flexible Scheduling

Choose how, when, and how often you want your backups to run. Flexible scheduling is a powerful tool to help you decide which backup strategy is right for your business.
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Every few minutes

By default, your files will be backed up automatically after a period of inactivity on your computer. The factory setting is 5 minutes, but you can set this period to anything you like from the Options dialog.

At a preset time of the day

This is the setting used by most businesses. Run your backups at a predetermined hour of the day, typically in the evenings on selected days after the business closes for the day.


There may be ocassions when you elect to start your backups manually, for whatever reason. Simply click on the "Backup Now" button on the main page of the application to launch a backup operation. We do not recommend this setting, but provide it for those rare ocassions when it may be necessary to prevent automatic backups.

Every few hours

You can choose to run your backup every hour, or every few hours. This strategy is popular with clients with databases which change often during the course of the day, or where other types of data are being added constantly to a storage device.